Financial Software Solutions

  • Banking Back Office. (Front end & back end banking software)
  • Risk management. (Admin and end user risk management software)
  • Direct Market Access. (Direct connectivity to the exchanges)
  • Report. (Tracking of all banking, and trading activity)
  • Compliance. (Back office for AML and KYC)
  • Cybersecurity (Cybersecurity that meets all regulations and more)
  • Pro. (Front end professional trading software)
  • Web. (Front end retail trading software)
  • Mobile (Front end retail trading software)
  • Demo (Front end professional & retail trading demo software)

We offer Financial Software solutions & Clearing and Execution solutions for the Global markets for Equities Options & Bonds.

Such platforms are offered to Institutions and traders to enable them to trade and manage their portfolios online. For example, if you have an account with E-Trade, Ameritrade, Merrill Lynch EDGE, the competition is scarce.

Our Trading Platform is connected to the major EXCHANGES such as; New York Stock Exchange, Nasdaq, AMEX and CBOE.

We know your clients want the best back office system and need the best trading platforms. If you have a governing body stopping by for a visit; every request is built in or can be by our programmers.

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BDTurnkey provides solutions to help you hit the ground running, with less work on your part and more time to spend generating returns for your clients.